Don't deprive your studio of "Classic Retro Drum Machines"

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Classic Retro Drum Machines
is an extensive library of samples from 37 vintage drum machines, beat boxes and rhythm composers available in Emagic EXS24 or WAV/AIF formats. The EXS24 format is conveniently mapped out by machine making it super easy to find the exact sounds you need while the WAV version is organized in neat folders for easy use with most soft and hard samplers.

These are quality 16-bit - 44.1kHz samples recorded from the actual drum machines and you'll be surprised how much use you'll get from these samples in almost every style of music. Classic Retro Drum Machines is the next best thing to having a room full of vintage beat boxes!
  • Roland TR505
  • Roland TR606
  • Roland TR626
  • Roland TR707
  • Roland TR808
  • Roland TR909
  • Roland KD80
  • Roland R8
  • DrRhythm 55
  • DrRhythm 110
  • Linn 9000
  • LinnDrum1
  • Linn LM-1
  • Korg S-3
  • Korg KPR77
  • Korg KR55
  • Akai XE8
  • EMU Drumulator
  • Simmons SDS8
  • Soundmaster SR88
  • Fricke MFB-501
  • Fricke MFB-512
  • Univox
  • Vermona
  • Vox Drumbox
  • Visco Space
  • Watford
  • Rhythm Ace
  • EKO
  • Wurlitzer Sideman
  • Hammond
  • Oberheim DX
  • Casio PT30
  • Casio PT68
  • Farfisa Prof
  • Electro-Harmonix 32
  • Gulbransen
  • Bonus Banks ... an extra 16 banks (500 samples) of variations on the classic 808 and 909sounds.
  • ""Kraftwerk" drum library (interpretations of the group's unique drum sounds)Kraftwerk"

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